The new face of Digital India

Digital dreams now are not just limited to just Urban India. There is an increasing popularity in the Rural India.

  • Smart phones, Internet access and availability
  • Open mindset for e-learning and access to information
  • Ease of transacting with UPI
  • Strong promotion by e-commerce giants
  • Wide acceptance of WhatsApp and other social media platforms

Syngenta is leading the way by being proactive in launching digital platforms.

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Syngenta has always been a front runner in the Global Product Digitisation.

Saksham FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

We need to map our retailers with Saksham. Without this mapping, Retailers would not be able to download Sumridhi App and register themselves

Retailers who will contribute >80% business on QR code enabled products should only be registered. Focus on Pragati Tier retailers first followed by new addition of key retailers from your HQ

This will help us giving holistic view on our activities vs. liquidation progress in those mapped villages and will provide lot more actionable analytics

Saksham will provide details on total scan points of mapped retailers and their progress

In such case, you need to edit the existing mobile no. of that retailer in Saksham and verify with OTP to complete the process of new mobile registration

Once Retailers’ details are correctly captured and mapped in Saksham with OTP verification, we’ll consider that mobile # in Saksham as final one and will correct our data base in DMS & Pragati

Retailer’s Mobile number registered in Saksham

Subordinate’s mobile number added by retailer in the app

Connect with Syngenta MDO/TM and ask them to register his/her number in Saksham

Android 6 and above

iPhone 10 and above

All the completed scans will be auto-saved and same can be accessed from scanning history for submission

A) Some other retailer had scanned and earned points for the shipper/unit
B) Scanned unit is not belonged to the scanned shipper
C) Technical issue, Syngenta Sumridhi support team will investigate such issues and update the user through in-app notification

You can access this from scanning history and scanning points screens, apply filter by subordinate to see subordinate level information (Only retailer will have complete visibility including scanning done by his/her subordinates, subordinate can only see his/her scanning details)

Your role will remain the same as before, which is, monitoring counterfeit product presence in the market and reporting it to Product Security. This app will help you in quick recognition of counterfeit product and instant reporting to Product Security.

Remember, TM role is limited to counterfeit product monitoring and reporting.

By any means, or no matter how serious the situation is, TMs are not authorized to take any action against counterfeit seller/handler. It will be taken up by the Product security team

The app will read the code on scanning, check from the system and display if the product is genuine or potential counterfeit. If user want, it can also send an email report of suspicious product to Product Security with supporting evidence (pack/label picture, your comments, etc.).

    • After code scanning, you will receive either a green (okay), amber (suspicious), red (alert) or black (confirmed case) status.

Please remember that this app is a supporting tool and may not be 100% accurate. To make sure the product is counterfeit, you also need to get secondary evidence and pictures of the product’s physical characteristics (like label printing & quality, bottle quality, selling price, etc.).

  • Yes, you can send a counterfeit related report of non-GPD enabled Syngenta brand.
  • You will not be able to scan the product as the original Syngenta product or its counterfeit will not have GPD code on it. You can however share the information & details along with pictures in your report.